Weather Balloon Launch on 8/6/2022!


It's that time again! The West Georgia Amateur Radio Society is planning to launch a high-altitude weather balloon on July 23rd, 2022 from the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton, Georgia. 

We will plan to meet at 9 AM at 1625 Bankhead Highway, Carrollton, to begin setup and inflation. Inflation goes pretty quickly. It's just a matter of rounding everyone up and getting the entire process completed. The payload also needs to be secured, and we test to make sure the system is beaconing before we seal everything up. Since we don't know the exact time that launch will happen, we recommend that you arrive around 9 AM and watch the whole process. If you haven't seen it before, it is interesting to watch.

Once launch has happened, the chase begins. We will discuss the morning's flight forecast (go ahead and play with the predictor here) and develop our best approximation of a game plan. While you do not need an amateur radio license, you may want to tag along with someone who has done this before. You can follow the tracking live on your mobile device here.

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