Weather Balloon Inflation System

My new weather balloon inflator from High Altitude Science has just arrived. Yes, it looks like just a high-pressure hose with a CGA-580 brass fitting, but it represents a lot more. It has the weight system so we can attach weights to easily calculate our nozzle lift, and the other end is designed to snugly fit into the neck of the balloon. It also means we can safely inflate the balloon with a much higher flow rate than before.

If you've been to previous launches, you probably remember people in cramped positions under the balloon with cramped hands from holding that little party balloon tilt valve open for long periods of time. You may have even been one of those people! Those days are over. We can now insert the end into the neck of the balloon, secure it with electrical tape, and open the cylinder's master valve. We'll need to keep a hand on the valve to slow it down and stop it, but that should be much more comfortable and much faster.

To top it off, I'll leave you with this image, which was a nice personal touch that came with the package.

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