Balloon Planning and Data Dump

This will just be a random assortment of data and thoughts for planning the next weather balloon launch

1200 gram balloon from Amazon (or this one) We've been using 800 gram, but can't achieve 100,000 feet with that  
CUSF says we can achieve 110,813 feet with a 3 lb payload, or 107,290 with 4 lb.    
Hand warmers, perfect size to put behind cameras    
Lightdow LD6000 camera ($42 with SD card)    

 Payload Mass = 1814 grams

Balloon Mass = 1200 grams

Target Ascent Rate = 4 m/s

Burst Alt. = 32808 meters (107,638 ft)

Time to Burst = 137 min

Neck Lift = 2514 grams (5.5 lbs)

Volume = 127.8 cubic ft

(Data from habhub burst calculator)

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